Ritual Herbal Spell Collection.
Ritual Herbal Spell Collection.
Arianna Willow

Ritual Herbal Spell Collection.

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Brand: Arianna Willow


  • We have tried to maintain all the herbs listed but betterecause of the supply chain changing with overseas orders not coming in we cannot get Patchouli we may have to substitute Lavender flowers we are sorry for this but we can not control the circumstances.
  • For use in Spellwork for Witchcraft, Wiccan, Wicca and Pagan Rituals.
  • Each Herb is labeled with it’s name and description of it’s use on the label for easy identification.
  • A total of fifteen (15) 8 grams each of the Most Common Spell Herbs in one kit.
  • Here at Arianna Willow, we strive to bring peace, health and harmony through are products. We are trying to have all the herbs listed in your kit some are getting very hard to get we are sorry to have to make substitutions and we are hoping for a quick end to this virus.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: All of the herbs listed are included in this collection with no substitutions. Patchouli Protection and prosperity. Mugwort Purification and Divination. Lemon Balm Love Potions and Aphrodisiacs. Catnip Love and Happiness. Yarrow Courage and Love Spells. Red CloverFidelity and Love. St Johns WartProtection and Happiness. ColtsfootDivination and Tranquility. Eucalyptus LeafCleansing And Healing. White SageWisdom and Emotional Strength. Comfrey Leaf Magickal Healing and Protection. Hyssop Purification and Lightens Vibration. Nettles Despelling Darkness. Ginkgo Leaf Aphrodisiac and Fertility. Witch Grass Reversing Hexes.

Package Dimensions: 5.2 x 5.1 x 3.3 inches